Cultivation Assets

Alberta Craft Cannabis

100% Ownership     Edmonton, AB

Alberta Craft Cannabis (“ACC”) is a fully operational facility that is currently cultivating indoor flower. ACC is currently revenue generating and selling cannabis B2B, as it awaits the issuance of its Sales License. The Sales License inspection was conducted in late June 2019.

Licensing: Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sales (Medical)

Annualized Output (kg): 1,300

Type of build: Indoor

Purpose-built: No

Expansion Potential: No

Facility Size (sq ft): 14,000

Grey Bruce Farms

100% Ownership     Kincardine, ON

Grey Bruce Farms is our Eastern Canada cultivation facility. Grey Bruce was recently granted its Standard Cultivation License in July 2019 and is currently cultivating. Grey Bruce Farms is located on 6 acres of land, with expansion potential.

Licensing: Standard Cultivation

Facility Size (sq ft): 15,000

Annualized Output (kg): 1,640

Type of build: Indoor

Purpose-built: Yes

Expansion Potential: Yes

Tumbleweed Farms

100% Ownership     Chase, BC

Tumbleweed Farms is fully built-out and was recently granted its Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing and Medical Sales Licenses in August 2019 and is currently cultivating. Tumbleweed Farms is located on 23 acres with expansion potential, and its own natural artesian well for water supply.

Licensing: Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sales (Medical)

Annualized Output (kg): 1,000

Type of build: Indoor

Purpose-built: Yes

Expansion Potential: Yes

Facility Size (sq ft): 10,000

GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals

100% Ownership     Kelowna, BC

GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals is GTEC’s flagship subsidiary. GreenTec is currently in construction of phase one of its 80,000 square foot facility. GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals has also secured two separate parcels of land, totalling approximately 200 acres for potential expansion plans.

Licensing: Under Construction

Facility Size (sq ft): 20,000

Annualized Output (kg): 2,150

Type of build: Indoor

Purpose-built: Yes

Expansion Potential: Yes

F-20 Developments

50% Ownership     Vernon, BC

F-20 is a joint venture, where GTEC’s construction, design, operations and regulatory experience is leverage to develop a state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility. GTEC is responsible for the final $1 million, of a $10 million build out. GTEC also has an option to acquire the other 50% of the joint venture at any time.

Licensing: Under Construction

Facility Size (sq ft): 60,000

Annualized Output (kg): 6,000

Type of build: Indoor

Purpose-built: Yes

Expansion Potential: Yes

Extraction Assets

Zen Labs

100% Ownership     Kelowna, BC

Licensing: Standard Processing for Extraction & Analytical Testing

Zen Labs is a full service chemical and microbiological diagnostics laboratory for soil, water, and cannabis. Zen Labs will analyze cannabinoid profiles, moisture content, heavy metals, microbials, aflatoxins, pesticides and other contaminants.  Zen Labs has been issued a License from Health Canada for analytical testing, and a Standard Processing License for extraction.

Spectre Labs

100% Ownership     Kelowna, BC

Licensing: In Progress (Evidence Package requested by Health Canada)

Spectre Labs is a cannabis oil extraction facility based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Spectre has acquired land and building to develop the facility, completed initial design work and submitted an application to the Office of Controlled Substances for a Dealer’s License. The site will be developed in a phased approach and will serve as a Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”) grade facility with extraction, formulation, compounding and export capabilities to support GTEC’s Licensed Producers and the global medical market. GTEC also intends to utilize Spectre to manufacture edible products that are expected to be incorporated into Health Canada’s regulatory framework in 2019. Upon Health Canada approval, the facility will be able to produce up to 24,500 grams of cannabis oil per day (equivalent to more than 8,500 kilograms per annum), with capabilities to increase production capacity in future phase development.

Retail Assets

Cake Cannabis Co – Kitsilano

100% Ownership    Vancouver, BC

Licensing: Application submitted to B.C. Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch

Square Footage: 4,000 +

Cake Cannabis Kitsilano will serve as GTEC’s flagship retail store in Canada. Its initial application has been submitted to the B.C. Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch for a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence.

GreenTec Retail – Saskatchewan

75% Ownership     Nipawin & Saskatoon, SK

Licensing: Final Stage

GreenTec Retail – Saskatchewan is in the final stages of licensing with the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). It was awarded by way of lottery to apply for a brick & mortar location in Nipawin, SK, as well as e-commerce website to be operated out of a fulfillment warehouse in Saskatoon.

Cannabis Cowboy

25% Ownership     Calgary, AB

Licensing: 23 Development Permits currently issued

Cannabis Cowboy is to be a privately owned recreational cannabis and accessories retailer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Upon the pending approval from the Canadian Federal Government to legalize cannabis for recreational use, Cannabis Cowboy will begin offering retail dispensary services to Western Canada. To meet the rapidly growing demand for cannabis products and services, Cannabis Cowboy has developed an ambitious growth strategy to develop multiple turnkey retail locations.