Our Premium Brands

Available soon in stores!

High THC Cannabis

A nod to the origins of cannabis. This brand will target the more experienced consumer via high THC cannabis strains.

Zen Cannabis

A balanced lifestyle brand, with a variety of strains that provide a diverse palette of desired effects to consumers.

Medical Cannabis

Our flagship brand catering to the Medical Market, and designed specifically to help aid patients with pain relief and ailments.

Available now at CannMart.com and CannaFarms.ca

Connoisseur’s Cannabis

For the sophisticated consumer who appreciates high quality genetics, craft growing and optimized drying, curing and trimming.

Organic Cannabis

A premium quality line of organic cannabis products. An earthy and approachable brand for cannabis consumers seeking a clean and environmentally friendly product.

First Nations Cannabis

The FN (First Nations) brand would be a niche product, used in partnership with a First Nations group, created to celebrate and show respect to the first Canadians.

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